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Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modiji, has a dream to make Digital India. He is working hard for his dream project. IJRPET is taking social responsibility for digital India Project. This digital library is open for all the authors, co-others, researchers to store their research papers free of cost and asses the documents online whenever needed. This is the platform for the researchers to store their previously published work in offline journals. We are not charging any fees for publishing your paper in our digital library, people those wanted to publish their work free of cost so that it can be used for betterment of society are invited to submit the full length papers for our digital library.

Formal Conditions for submission:

The author should have played a role in caring out the published work.

Authors should take the self responsibility of plagiarism and copy right issue if any.

IJRPET is not providing any certificate for authors, while it can be made available on demand of author.

One the document is submitted; it will not be revised or changed.

For any queries related to digital library write us on .

Processing Charges of IJRPET Digital Library: Free of Charge


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