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IJIRPET Publication Ethics and Policies:

IJRPET is an international, peer reviewed, high quality journal which is bounded to follow the publication ethics and policies for acceptance and publication of research articles/ papers/ manuscripts etc.

The editorial board members have defined the policy for and ethics to avoid the malpractices in order to achieve excellence in paper publishing and recognized as globally accepted journal for engineering technology, sciences and similar fields.

For Authors:

All authors should, write the original work carried out by themselves.

The submitted work should fulfill the minimum criteria for submission.

Paper should be plagiarism free.

Paper should be formatted according to the standard template provided in IJRPET downloads menu.

The figure and table of the paper should be original and of high resolution.

Mistakes in spelling and grammar are not expected in an international research paper.

Author should mention the citations, whenever others work is referred.

Author should not submit the same manuscript or paper to multiple journals at a time.

Author should accept the comments made by reviewers and correct them in order to improve the paper quality.

For Editors and other associated members with IJRPET:

Should arrange the plagiarism, grammar and spell check test for every submitted manuscript.

Should take a responsibility to arrange double blind review.

Should keep the material submitted by authors confidential before publishing it.

Should arrange the indexing of papers in renowned databases after publication.

Should resolve the queries authors and reviewers time to time.

Should take care of maintaining the overall quality of journal.

For Editors and other associated members with IJRPET:

Should evaluate the papers fairly for checking the quality of the papers.

No information related to author will be given to reviewers before the paper is published.

Should keep the manuscript confidential without fail.

Should submit the report of review in prescribed format.

Should present the fair opinion on every received paper.

Should spare the time for review process and complete it within specified period.